“Just to Be With YOU…”

The legendary band Third Day has a beautiful song called “Love Song For a Savior”. The song’s basic premise is that the author has heard stories of men who would climb the highest mountains & sail the farthest seas, just to be with the ones they love. These love stories call to deep places within us & stir our longings to find such love, to find another who would do anything “just to be with us”. As sincere as men may be in their desires to show & win love, the proclamations are rarely realized or lived out. Though these actions are nearly impossible for the humans in our lives, with God ALL things are possible, & He has offered all to win our hearts as His own.


As lead singer Mac Powell beautifully sings out, “I never swam the deepest ocean, but I walked the Sea of Galilee….I never climbed the highest mountain, but I climbed the hill to Calgary. Just to be with you, I would do anything. There’s no cross I wouldn’t bear. Just to be with you I gave everything. For YOU I gave my life away.” Your Father offered His beloved Son & His Son offered His life & they both gave their Spirit just to be with YOU! The love your heart most longs for has come down to dwell in YOU. Will you enter in?

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