“I’m Coming for You”-


I have this friend who just embodies generosity. I don’t know how she does it, but she just continuously pours out to all around her, yet still remains completely whole. If there’s a need, she always seems to be there to fill it. What’s more, & this is an amazing gift, everywhere she is, she’s fully present right in that place. The first thing she did was share with me her kids, her greatest treasure, as students & as friends.  And then, she just never stopped giving, becoming the truest of friends. You just can’t escape her love.

They say that love has languages (Gary Chapman), & that most people express themselves best through either acts of service, gifts, quality time, touch, or words of affirmation. I can pinpoint most people’s native tongue pretty quickly, but though I’ve known this friend many years, I just can’t seem to tell about her. She does them all, over & over again, living out what’s been said: “Love is the infinite victory.” Maybe, it’s really love that she embodies. 

God’s like that. He just embodies generous love. He continuously pours Himself out, yet remains completely whole. When you really need Him, He just knows.He’s just there, fully present right in that place. First He shared Himself, & designed us from before eternity; then, He shared His Son, His most precious treasure. He just never stops giving, never stops speaking each of our languages of love, never stops pursuing us all. Wherever we go, there He is, as if He’s saying, “I’m coming for you, I’m coming for you, wherever you go” (Audrey Assad). However far we may run, we can’t outrun His love (Psalm 139:7-12, Romans 8:35-39). It truly is THE infinite victory. Maybe, He really IS Love.

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