“O Love that Will Not Let Me Go” (George Matheson)-

Scottish author George Matheson, who lived between 1842-1906, began to lose his sight at the age of twenty, and was told by doctors it would soon be lost completely and irrevocably. When he shared the prognosis with his fiancee at, she broke off the engagement, fearing she could not face sharing life with a blind husband. Though he did in fact lose both his sight and his betrothed, he gave thanks for the friendship and care of a beloved sister, who also remained single. With her help, he left writing and began to preach, gaining a large following. Twenty years later, the sister who had been his companion in life, fell in love and was married. The story goes that on the eve of her wedding, he sat alone in the church, filled with sorrow at the loss he faced. He found great comfort in the Lord, and was filled with words that later became the hymn, “O Love that Will Not Let Me Go”. Though he wrote many hymns, he said this was the only one he completed in five minutes, and never needed to edit a single word.The first stanza goes as follows:

“O Love that will not let me go,

I rest my weary soul in thee

I give thee back the life I owe

That in thine ocean depths its flow

May richer, fuller be.”

What inspiring words of the only love that could never fail. George Matheson continued to serve God as a pastor, proving daily the faithfulness of his Heavenly Father and Pastor to provide for his every need. Though life often seems to require sacrifices of us we find hard to face, we can know we are not alone in our sojourns. We can be assured the depths of the flow of His love will always exceed our need, and always pursue our hearts.

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