“Bird On a Wire”…

Singer Johnny Cash has a classic song called Bird On a Wire. From the perspective of someone who suffered the consequences of bad choices, & experienced dramatic highs & lows on his journey, this is the picture he chooses for himself. Many of us feel like we walk a tightrope wire, or at least attempt to, in some area of our lives. It’s certainly true that life is a balancing act in so many ways, but why a bird on a wire, there for all to see? Perhaps, like the bird, it’s because our ride on the rollercoaster of life is so visible to others… perhaps because as lonely as we may feel, “walking the line” is such a normal, daily occurrence? It seems most probable, however, the illustration conveys the song we’re all given to sing in the midst of our best efforts, normalcy, & even visible failure. However strong our voices may be, however wobbly our best attempts, we can give God glory & add to the world’s beauty, just in the attempt to sing out His praise. Though we may not catch the attention of the majority who pass by, there is one who sees & hears & delights to stand with us on that wire, who supports us in His embrace. “The Eternal God is our Refuge, & underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deuteronomy 33:27). One of my all-time favorite quotes by author Wendell Berry reflects this: “I am always surprised, when I look back on times I have known to be laborious or worrisome or sad, to discover that, they have never been out of the presence of peace & beauty, for her I have been always in the world itself.” However ordinary our journeys may be, they also all hold pieces of the extraordinary.

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