“Trust Yourself”

Coming from a background of Legalism, these words first sounded a little soft…too “New-Agey” to me. In recent years, however, they have served as a sort of North Star in moments of darkness. Of course God is our constant & ultimate guide, but so often we doubt our own intuition enough that we silence His voice. Life experiences can set us off balance enough that we come to doubt the orienting abilities of our compasses. New ventures that call us forth to vulnerability can cause us to feel we’re risking an awful lot, but as Andre Gide observes, “One cannot see new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” Life is often a risk, yes…but risk can lead to great things. As we all know, it can also lead to hard things. Let us remember that regardless, God always does great things, & that we are always safe in His love. Our home is not in this place of fear, but in His heart. We all have our moments…& most of us have them daily.  
A challenge from an unknown author that has often inspired great leaps of faith in my own life say is: “Let your faith be bigger than your fear.” Many of us are so good at having this faith for others…let’s have a little for ourselves too. Go on…give your soul & thoughts a bit of grace, trust in & claim God’s good plans for you. Trust yourself too dearly beloved…you have good instincts, great wisdom, & the filling of the Holy Spirit. May you know His leading & peace as you boldly face fears that are partly founded in experience….making them all the harder to defeat. May our good, good Father hold you in His arms & calm you with His voice. Rest easy…He is for you!

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